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Pincushion | Doll Needle

There are 6 needles per tube and 12 tubes per bag! This needle is measured at about 3 ½ “ and h..

Needle Sampler Pack

Our needle sampler pack is made up of some of our favorite needles. There are three tubes of each of..

Binding Needles

We bet most of you bind your quilts (those of you who do) with whatever needle is in your pincushion..

Big Stitch Quilting Needles

The big- stitch means we are hand quilting with #12 perle cotton thread and making big even stitches..

#24 Chenille Needles

There are 12 needles in this tube and 12 tubes per bag. The larger eyes in the needle makes threadin..

#22 Chenille Needles

These size 22 chenille needles come 12 to a tube and 12 tubes per bag.  They have nice large ey..