Triangle Papers

Triangle Papers
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2 1/2" Finished Triangle Papers

These will give you the most accurate half square triangles and they are so easy to use.  There..

Triangle Paper -Ladies On The Lake

These triangle papers will make this quilt go together quickly.  All you have to do is layer, s..

2" Finished Triangle Paper

Triangle paper in strips and sheets.  This is the easiest, fastest, and most accurate way to ma..

1 3/4" Finished Triangle Paper

The triangle papers in this package are the fastest, easiest and most accurate waay to make half squ..

Triangle Paper -Homestead Quilt

2"Triangle paper designed specifically for the Homestead Quilt.  Just layer, stitch, cut, and t..

Triangle Paper -Hospitality Quilt

1" Triangle Paper desgned specifically for our Hospitality Quilt.  Just layer, stitch, cut, and..

1" Finished Triangle Paper

  Triangle papers in strips and sheets is the fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to mak..

1/2" Finished Triangle Paper

The fastest easiest and most accurate way to make half square triangles fro 1 large sheet. In this p..

Small Variety Pack Triangle Paper

Not sure what size you are going to need for your next project??  Looking to get a sampling of ..